Our Therapists

Dedicated In-House Training Programme For Better Therapists and Superior Treatments

“Bali Health Lounge Therapists just give better, deeper and more effective treatments than anywhere else” – Caroline H

Better Trained

Our therapists go through our in-house bespoke training programme to teach solid foundations for deeper, more effective treatments.  Partnering with specialist massage schools, our blend of theory, hands-on teaching and hundreds of hours of practice means our therapists are able to deliver treatments unlike anywhere else.

Superior Environment

Bali Health Lounge therapists are able to focus solely on their clients. Their roles are fully supported to do this with the use of best equipment such as massage guns, a support team of hosts to oversee non-treatment experiences and with plenty of time between treatments to ensure therapists are fresh and ready for each new client. We have no freelance or zero-hour contract staff.

More Experienced

Over a decade of knowledge and expertise is channelled through our therapists. Our therapists regularly train with each other to continuously share their worldwide experiences and thousands of treatment experience.

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