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Our case studies are taken from real customers who we have treated and interviewed following their treatments. Names have been changed for privacy purposes but the stories directly from our customers.

Case Study 1 - Targeted Wellness massage to combat localised pain prevent surgery (Sarah E, Member)

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Before discovering Bali Health lounge, I had suffered with extreme pain in my shoulder for around 6 months. Having been turned away by multiple massage clinics due to them not knowing how to treat me (or refusing too), I felt like I had no choice but to schedule surgery to fix the problem.

Upon meeting my therapist at Bali Health lounge I was immediately comforted by her knowledge and understanding of my condition, she asked plenty of questions and explained she was going to make a treatment plan based on my problem area.

I felt so much better even after one treatment. My pain was reduced and I felt like I could move my arm more than I had in months.

I am so happy to say that after 4 weekly treatments I cancelled my surgery and have almost full movement in my shoulder again and my pain is almost non existent.

Case Study 2 - Relief with relaxation massage from chronic pain (Elizabeth T, Member)

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My husband got me a three month membership plan at Bali health lounge for Christmas 2020 and after a chaotic lockdown I was super excited to start it up.

As I suffer with a condition that causes general muscle pain which makes it hard for me to sleep, I was expecting to only be offered a light massage like Spas I have been to in the past (as I think they are often scared of hurting me). To my surprise my therapist seemed very clued up on my condition. She explained she was absolutely able to do a deep tissue massage and assured me that she could adjust the pressure to my comfort at any point during the treatment.

Every time I come for a treatment my therapist asks how I’m feeling and alters the treatment depending on the areas that need more attention. Every therapist I have met has been so attentive and every treatment, although a little different each time, has been amazing!

Case Study 3 - Changing Treatments To Meet Lifestyle Demands (Paul F, Member)

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I used to come to Bali Health Lounge for relaxation massage but after changing to a more physically demanding job I started to suffer from headaches, shoulder pain and noticed occasional numbness in the arm and hand. I decided to try the targeted wellness massage and see if it would help ease it off.

My therapist asked me a few more questions than usual and did some test and checks to be able to better pinpoint the potential cause of my issues

The targeted massage was very different to my usual deep tissue massage. Along with different techniques my therapist also did some stretching and showed me how to do them at home to maintain the results of the massage. I started booking an extra massage between my regular monthly sessions and I am now at a point where I only get the occasional headache and the numbness in my arm and hand has completely gone. I have the same therapist each visit and sometimes we do deep tissue, sometimes targeted wellness but every time it's amazing.

Case Study 4 - Supporting Treatments Through Pregnancy(Elaine W, Member)

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I first came to Bali health lounge when I was 20 weeks into my pregnancy. I had been elsewhere for prenatal treatments but felt like more time was spent trying to make my skin soft and sell me products then actually help me with my aches and pains.

Bali felt like a whole different ball game. It's obvious that the therapists have had a lot of training on pregnancy safe techniques. My therapist made sure to check how my pregnancy was going and what positions I felt most comfortable. The areas I wanted more focus on and the areas I wanted to be avoided.

After the treatment I practically floated out of the room.. It was also a lovely extra to be able to sit in the lounge with tea before going back out into reality.

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