Importance of Pregnancy Massage – As told by a new mum and therapist, Zsu Szelle

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In October 2016, Head Therapist at Bali Health Lounge, Zsu Szelle, gave birth to her beautiful baby daughter, Sophia. Like many first time mother’s Zsu found it to be not only an exciting and happy moment but a nerve racking experience as she prepared her life as a mother.

As Head Therapist, not only was she trained in pregnancy massage but she also trained other team members, which means she only knows all too well the benefits that pregnancy massage can have.

“As you go through all the stages of pregnancy, massage can help in so many different ways. Not only does it help with swelling on the joints that can occur due to the heavy uterus but it can relieve nerve pains caused by pressure of the baby on your muscles. Of course, common in many mother’s, it is also great to relieve lower back pain. It really helped me through my pregnancy!” – Zsu explains just some of the health benefits of pregnancy massage.

Pregnancy massages are best performed by qualified therapists as they will know the appropriate techniques to ensure mother and baby are safe. Many professionals consider the best position for a pregnant woman during massage is lying on their side and with their weight supported by cushions.

“I was lucky that I worked at Bali Health Lounge where there are many fantastic therapists who could give me treatments. I know they are the best at what they do so I felt completely at ease. It is definitely one of the perks of working at a spa!”Zsu on working at a Spa

During pregnancy the mother will go through a lot! Physical changes, emotional preparation and most likely significant lifestyle changes to prepare for the new-born (whether it is your first or not). This is why we ask Zsu for some of her trade secrets that helped her:

“One good things about pregnancy is that it doesn’t stop you receiving your favourite facial. By simply adjusting the position of the your body for the treatment it remains perfectly safe, meaning I could keep up my skincare throughout and no need to compromise. The other unexpected treatment that I used was reflexology to help take pressure off my feet. Reflexology is also claimed to help promote labour if you are past your due date, similar to the claims made by curry and raspberry leaf tea! Ha!”

“One important thing I couldn’t do without is the ELEMIS Japanese Camilia Oil which can be applied to minimise and reduce stretch marks! Its amazing!”How Zsu helped to

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday 26th March, we want to just take a moment to celebrate and thank all mother’s and remember that their journey begins with a 9 month physical and emotional journey. At Bali Health Lounge we will always support expecting mother’s by providing exceptional pregnancy massages and bring relaxation to the whole family!

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