Massage for runners – How it can help

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This Sunday thousands of people of all ages will be running in the greatest running event in Manchester. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or first-timer, you will be looking to push your body to its limits and the race will feel exhilarating. We’re here to inform you about the benefits of incorporating massage for runners.

Many athletes love to get a massage. Not only does it feel great, but it also good. Benefits include but are not limited to helping speed up recovery, reduce muscles soreness and facilitate injury healing.

Swedish massage is the most common massage modality and is associated with more relaxing treatments. However, Swedish massage for runners can be very beneficial, especially before big competitions. It utilises long, flowing strokes of various pressure, although usually light, on muscles and other tissues such as tendons, ligaments and fascia. This helps to soften the tissue and removes adhesions (when muscles stick together and limit movement). This is perfect for runners who rely of limber joints and muscles of pain-free peak performance.

Swedish massage is best used in the days before big competitions or as a recovery tool after hard workouts. The lighter, relaxing strokes help relieve stress and muscle tension without damaging the muscles, which is important if you have a big race on the horizon. A Swedish massage before a race, especially if you’re coming off a hard week of training, can help you reenergise, relax, and get your legs back under you.

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