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Tackling Britain’s Biggest Cause of Sickness

We lose 31 million work days a year because of back and neck problems in the UK according to the Office of National Statistics and it is the biggest cause of work place absence. When we tried to look around and see what people were actually doing to address this, we found surprisingly little focused on this beyond “general wellbeing” or medicated solutions.

More importantly is the discomfort that we as a society seem to have come to “accept” and live with. Whilst it is becoming increasingly accepted that massage can be a good remedy to “loosen up those stiff shoulders”, and we know because we’ve delivered thousands of massages, we started finding what people wanted was a more results driven treatment.

Our customers wanted and appreciate when time was taken to understand the root cause of issues where a targeted use of advanced massage techniques allowed underlying problems to be addressed. They were no longer simply having “relaxation” treatments but could now relax AND address aches and pains directly.

As the UK’s leading massage training organisation we have been totally impressed by the high standards to which Bali Health Lounge aspire and they have been a joy to work with! Fairweather, Director of Jing Advanced Massage UK and author of “Massage Fusion: The Jing method for the treatment of chronic pain"

The treatments with the best results were ones where the customers worked together with the therapists to devise an agreed understanding and plan. We saw this feedback as a challenge to us to create something that was effective, results driven and realistic.

Therefore we put into motion plans for what would eventually become our Feel Better Programme. We teamed up with leading educators Jing Advanced Massage to work with our team to hone in on not just a treatment but an entire programme to address the 31 million days of lost work days.

“Most spas are content to offer identikit “fluff and buff” massages with therapists who have been trained to minimum standards. Bali Health Lounge are unique in their commitment to therapist training which ensures that customers receive the highest possible quality bespoke treatments.

Bali Health Lounge therapists are trained in advanced soft tissue techniques which means they have an unparalleled confidence and expertise in the treatment of pain.

As the UK’s leading massage training organisation we have been totally impressed by the high standards to which Bali Health Lounge aspire and they have been a joy to work with! Do yourself a favour – get yourself down to Bali and check out one of their treatments today! You won’t be disappointed”

Rachel Fairweather, Director of Jing Advanced Massage UK and author of “Massage Fusion: The Jing method for the treatment of chronic pain”

How to Feel Better

Drawing from our experience, brain power and customer feedback, we devised a four stage programme to help take individuals through a journey of feeling better.

Each stage carefully planned and thought through to deliver results and ongoing relief.

  • Connector.


    Detailed consultation using body tests and analysis under determine underlying root-causes of pain (typically 10-15 minutes).

  • Connector.


    Professional therapists use advanced massage techniques to target and treat the pain

  • Connector.


    One treatment will help you feel better but up to three are needed to reduce pain. Typically six are needed to maintain before moving onto a maintenance programme. We help you do this.

  • Connector.


    Let us show and teach you self-massage and stretch techniques to use at home and prevent the pain from coming back

A huge part of the thought process was the understanding that treating this issues doesn’t begin or end with Bali Health Lounge. This is why is was crucial for us to build a programme that would foster an individuals commitment to looking after themselves at home too. We equip you with the skills and knowledge to manage and prevent the issues from coming back. A little care and attention every day is likely to be more effective than our fantastic treatments on an infrequent basis.

Feel Better Programme

Our more clinical approach to tackling neck, shoulder and back pain

Behind the Scenes

We have distilled the Feel Better Programme into four seemingly simple stages. However, at the out-set, we saw a significant challenge.

We needed to deliver highly technical treatments to clients who may not even be aware of their needs, let alone being willing to commit to helping themselves. Both time and financial commitment is a very difficult thing to earn and so for us to be able to do this with the Feel Better Programme we knew we had to deliver something unique.

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This is why we spent over 12 months training! The photo below is Meg and Rachel from Jing massage working with out therapist team to raise the standard of our neck and lower back treatments. Find out more about Jing by clicking here.

Every opportunity we had, we would find a way to make sure we were ready to deliver for our customers. Practising on friends, colleagues and each other (always a nice way to spend a Tuesday post-lunch quiet period). As the team grew, we even had to buy more portable beds to train on (the ones for our customers are a bit heavier and less convenient to train on!)

One of our biggest difficulties is understanding how to identify underlying problems when there could be hundreds and thousands of reasons for pain from bad habits, specific incidents to even mis-perceived pain. This is why, not only is our training based on hands on techniques but consultation and knowledge skills through various online and in-house training methods.

Despite all this preparation, we don’t think we’re finished yet. The Feel Better Programme we see as just the next step in our mission to helping all people live a healthier lifestyle with less stress, more relaxation and lasting wellness.

Why stop at neck, shoulder and back? We will continue working over the next 12 months to bring even more relevant and needed treatments.

Lets do this properly…Introducing our Wellness Area

As we started putting the Feel Better Programme into practice, we soon realised what we we doing went much further beyond simply a massage treatment. It was a journey of education and knowledge. Which is why we created an education and knowledge space…and as a spa, we called it the Wellness Area.

Our newly built Wellness Area is a bespoke and dedicated space for our therapists to spend time with clients showing them self-massage and stretch techniques. It has space for Indian Head massage chairs, beds for assisted stretching, a reflexology mat, foam rollers and massage balls!

We want it to be an interactive space and we encourage people to ask get involved! Whether it is before or after your treatment, ask one of our team for more information and we will see what we can do to help!

£69 Introductory Offer

Try our Feel Better Programme for the same price as a 60 minute full body massage. Available June 2018 only.

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