Happy Birthday – Our Membership Turns Two

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Access to high quality, affordable and convenient treatments in the UK didn’t exist. Therefore we created it.

This is what we said back in the summer of 2015 when we launched the UK’s first spa membership of its kind. A monthly membership fee in exchange for being part of a scheme that offers regular savings, flexibility and many other perks. No one knew if the new concept was going to be a success or not but we knew it was something society needed!

Two years down the line with over +550 individuals joining the membership we have a lot to reflect on. In this article we discuss some of the highlights, challenges and visions going forward that have made this journey exciting for the team.

Membership from £45 / month

Includes monthly massages and saving of £24 compared to non-member prices!

Challenges of the unique membership scheme

The single biggest challenge of introducing the membership was figuring out how to communicate to our clients the importance of regular monthly treatments. Many people only ever saw massage for special occasions such as anniversaries but not something done as part of their lifestyle, just like how people go to the gym. Once someone appreciated this, they quickly came to value the quality treatments and affordable price that the membership offered, and realised it is something they wanted.

Bali Health Lounge is my monthly treat! I love coming after work to such a relaxing spa environment. The staff are so professional and each treatment I’ve had has been top quality by highly trained members of staff. I always walk out feeling refreshed and with a spring in my step. Highly recommended!

Jenny S, Member at Bali Health Lounge

A common reason people initially struggled with the concept of regularly massage was whether they had the time to have them. Everyone has busy lives with work, social and family commitments, but what all of our member’s found was the flexibility of the membership (late cancellation policy, roll-overs and gifting) combined with their need of massage meant they always found the time. They found it particularly helped as it was their weekly or monthly opportunity to escape and relax – a great way to prevent stress and stress burn-out.

Over the past two years the membership has continued to improve with the team finding new and innovative ways to make it more accessible and user friendly. Introducing online sign-up, easy credit-card payments and the ability to gift memberships has meant obstacles were continuously overcome which allowed more members to sign up.

Highlights of the membership

The greatest reward of the membership has been to see the difference it has made on the lives of all the members. Discussions with our members, who come from all walks of life, help demonstrate the health benefits that regular treatments have with many citing a reduction in chronic aches & pains, better sleep and mobility. Many often say their monthly treatment is the thing that they look forward to most each month.

Another great highlight was when Jade Jones MBE and Bianca Walkden joined as members in 2016 to help incorporate massage as part of their training regime for the Rio 2016 Olympic games. The two Team GB athletes underwent physically intense workouts and needed both physical and mental stress relief. This ultimately helped led to Jade winning her second Olympic gold medal and Bianca winning her first Olympic model. We’re still thrilled about this!

What is next for Membership?

Our task has only just begun. We continue to raise awareness of the importance of regular massage and facials. Hundreds and thousands of people need the associated health benefits and are currently unaware of membership. We will look for novel ways to make the treatments more accessible and available. Wellness is important and we’re here to deliver it.

Quality of treatments, affordability and convenience underpin the membership. Every step we take will seek to make improvements to these. Better treatments through range of treatments and experienced therapists. Affordability through value for money and keep costs low. Convenience through flexibility and ease of use.

If the membership is something that sounds intriguing and you want to learn more you can use one of the links below to find out more!

Membership from £45 / month

Includes monthly massages and saving of £24 compared to non-member prices!

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