Stress Burnout Is Increasing – What are you doing about it?

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What is stress burnout?

Burnout is commonly defined as a situation of emotional and physical exhaustion, associated with cynicism about work and self-doubt. A feeling of exhaustion accompanied by a nervy compulsion to go on regardless is a double bind that makes it very difficult to know how to cope. Burnout involves the loss of the capacity to relax, to “just do nothing”. It is often followed by mental health problems such as anxiety disorders and depression.

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Why does it happen?

With such an unprecedented amount of uncertainty affecting the global outlook – and the labour market in particular – it should come as no surprise that the problem of burnout is worsening. This is true for most advanced economies around the world.

We often think that we’re good at managing stress burnout. We think we deal with it when we go home and escape the source of the stress. Yet often, when we get home we still sleep late, catch-up on the latest thriller TV such as “Game of Thrones” or rush in session at the gym. All of this is coupled with continuous news updates on social media right on our phones whether we like it or not. We’re addicted. This all then repeats again as soon as you wake up as you wake up to notifications on your phone.

This constant activity, where we do not take a moment to “switch-off” or even lose the ability to “do nothing”, means we are increasingly drained and susceptible to burnout.

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What can be done about it?

The recent increasing popularity of health conscious activities such as yoga, meditation and fitness no doubt has been a channel for people to escape burnout. Yet these activities, as discussed by Josh Cohen’s article on “The Way Out Of Burnout”, may simple add to the pressure of needing to perform.

At Bali Health Lounge we strongly recommend massage and facial therapy as a solution. A massage brings a range of physical benefits but will also give you a mental break. It is an opportunity, for 60 minutes, to allow someone else to do all the work. You can lay back and get a work out, without lifting a finger. It isn’t a coincidence that many people fall asleep during massages when it is literally a window of time you are made to do nothing yet it feels great. You can successfully escape.

An increasing number of studies have shown the health benefits of regular massage. Even a 30 minute massage can increase the levels of your cortisone hormone (our stress fighting hormone). By having regular, quality treatments from a professional therapist you are able to escape and keep burnout at bay. This is exactly why we created our membership programme to allow our clients to benefit from massage therapy on a regular basis. So what can you do about stress burnout?

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