Yoga, Massage & Meditation: Why do it & what are the benefits?

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“In our society people want results immediately, but I think Yoga is something that slows you down and shows you that with work and dedication you can achieve the results you want” – Nysha, Yoga Teacher & Massage Lover

Recently at Bali Health Lounge we’ve been putting on some member’s Yoga & Meditation Classes. We decided to introduce this with our professional in-house Yoga teacher, Nysha. We caught up with her and discussed the benefits of yoga, meditation & massage. Read on to find out how to incorporate this into a healthier lifestyle!


How did you first get involved in Yoga?

I actually randomly happened upon it in a gym class and I went in and thought I would give it a try, this was 10 years ago. But yeah, I gave it a try and ever since I fell absolutely in love with it!

What is it you love about it?

I love that it’s so calming, it really brings me to the present moment. Nothing works like Yoga for that. I also love seeing how strong our bodies are, how flexible you can become and how much you can do. I love seeing the progress. It makes me feel like nothing is impossible. If you keep practicing, all poses are possible.

I always think that! You see these pictures online of people in beautiful poses and you’re like – what, how… can I do that? Surely I can!

Well exactly, that’s the best attitude to have. Many people don’t think they can do it when they start. Everyone always thinks they can’t touch their toes, but I couldn’t either! You just have to keep at it and your body opens up so much.

What advice would you give to someone who hasn’t done yoga before & says – oh it’s pointless it’s just stretching, or oh no it’s way too hard?

Stretching and breathing isn’t to be underestimated. It is stretching and breathing but actually, it’s so much more than that. Also – so many people say to me ‘I’m not flexible’ but it has nothing to do with flexibility. It’s about keeping an open-mind and believing you will be able to achieve things.

Is that what you mean when you say so much more?

It’s also about being there for your body, you’re doing so much good and each time you come back – you notice the progress. – The ease, the calm. You really learn about yourself and your body. It’s opened me up to who I really am, it’s not just exercising. It helps you find that place of peace within you. So much gets put on top of that like anxiety, stress, depression, panicking, rushing. When you strip that all away, yoga brings you back to who you really are

We say here massage is for everybody, is yoga for everybody?

I would say it’s the same, yes. Even with massage though you have to have a certain element of your mind has to be open. You have to be open to accepting the benefits. Most people who think Yoga isn’t for them haven’t found a teacher they get along with

How would you describe your teaching? What do you do?

For me what’s most important is that everyone feels comfortable. Everyone feels comfortable in the space to do what they can and feel like they’re not being judged. I also encourage people to take away the judgement from themselves, I try to create a space that’s really safe and people can explore themselves. I also try to make it very relaxing, not pushing people down into the poses – I try to be more of a guide. I try to take a soft approach and emphasise the breathing as it’s so often forgotten. I also know how intimidating it is for beginners so I try to be aware who’s in the class and help make adjustments for them.

Do you get regular massages?

Yeah. When I was living in Asia, it’s much more part of their culture. Whereas when I was living in Canada I didn’t get one. It’s weird… it’s not really part of their culture, people don’t talk about it – it’s seen as a really big treat. There’s also a big of shyness around it – “I don’t like someone touching me”. But when I moved to Asia it was everywhere and so I started getting them regularly. I think once you start going regularly and see the benefits, there’s no going back”

In what way does it shape your day?

If I haven’t meditated or done yoga in the morning, I find that my day doesn’t run as smoothly. My mind is a lot less centred, so I lose my focus and I notice that I miss the bus, or run late and my frustration increases. Overall it just really helps me stay in balance and have consciousness in the moment.

What would be your top tips for staying healthy?

I don’t really follow a strict diet, other than I am gluten-intolerant. What I’ve learned from that is to just eat as much whole food as possible, try to keep everything in its rawest form – buy organic.

But I would recommend drinking warm water in the mornings.


Yeah. Cold water can solidify things in your body whereas warm water helps clear it out. It’s important in the morning because it detoxifies your whole system – even put a slice of lemon in there! I also really believe that green tea is very good for you, they say you should have 3 cups a day.

Ah okay, brilliant. So – what about skincare?

I actually just posted about this the other day. I think it’s really important to limit the amount of chemicals you put onto your skin and ingest. Coconut oil is the best – you can use it for everything!

Why don’t you think people get regular massages?

I think a big part of it is discomfort. Specifically in the West, quite a few people feel uncomfortable with other people touching them. I think the second thing is that people don’t make time for themselves, they’re always on the go and don’t feel like they have the time or deserve the time to do something good for themselves. You see that especially a lot in women, but you’d think it would be the opposite! The better we take care of ourselves, the better we can take care of others. There seems to be guilt around it, like it’s an indulgence. But it’s actually something that will improve the quality of your life so fantastically.

Last question – what can we do to change people’s attitudes towards their health and wellbeing?

I think what speaks to people in this day and age is science. There’s plenty of studies being done on things like yoga and massage. I think the more educated people are about the benefits, the more likely they are to come.


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